Monday, December 20, 2010

Coloring Page - Eutychus Falls - Acts 20

Over this past summer, I taught first and second graders about the story found in Acts 20:7-12. It's the one about Eutychus. While preparing for the lesson, I realized that there weren't any coloring pages online for this story! I really wanted to have a coloring page for it! So, I resolved to make one.

Click to enlarge to original size, 11"x8.5" 

I helped the kids to paste googly eyes to Eutychus' face, as if he were jolted awake by the fall. It worked out really well!

If you are at a loss as to which story I am referring, read it here.

If anyone else is looking for a coloring page for this lesson, go ahead and use mine. (I'm no artist, but I can vouch that this is at least decent enough for first and second graders!)


  1. So I guess I should learn how to make my blog Google searchable for anyone in need of a coloring page... :P

  2. NICE! lol maybe I should try to make coloring page for my class too.
    but I don't know if 5th and 6th graders would be as excited as 1st graders for

  3. Thanks! Im glad I found your picture.My little students will love it tonight:)

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  5. Great idea!
    Planning to teach this lesson soon.
    Google eyes will be FUN and EYE CATCHING!
    No pun intended... (ahhh... yes it was!)

  6. Needed a coloring sheet for this exact passage, THANK YOU for sharing! You are right, this is the only one out there pretty much! :)